April 1, 2022

Cloud4Wi empowered Camarote Salvador and Camarote Villa Mix


Running events such as carnivals and festivals is an exciting — but daunting — task. To maximize the reach and impact of a massive event, organizers must provide their guests with unforgettable and rare experiences.

The organizers of the recent Camarote Salvador and Camarote Villa Mix recognized this, and we’re thrilled to share that they selected Cloud4Wi to enhance the experience for foliões.

The event organization realized that it was important to offer fast, secure Internet access to the foliões so they could share their amazing experiences across social media. They required a solution that would make it easy to roll out and manage the WiFi service, as well as meet the new country’s privacy regulation (LGDP).

What is a Camarote?

For those who aren’t familiar with the Carnival in Brazil, camarotes are “party boxes” that line the carnival circuit from which guests can watch the carnival blocos and their trio elétricos (sound trucks with carnival bands) as they pass by. They also function as a “party inside the party” complete with DJs, live bands, bars, food facilities, as well as other types of entertainment options from “chill-out” rooms to spas.

They are different variations of camarotes, and each one offers its own bells and whistles.

For example, the Camarote Salvador has the biggest balcony of the folia with all-inclusive services. It is an air conditioned gourmet space catered by the best restaurants in Salvador, with bars and buffet points throughout uninterrupted 12 hours of partying per day.

The Camarote Villa Mix, on the other hand, offers a party with the biggest names in country music and the best international DJs. Foliões have access to all-inclusive services, which include a spa, beauty salon, and the customization of abadás (the T-shirt that foliões must wear as proof they bought the ticket). The Camarote Villa Mix also has a gourmet space and belvedere with exclusive views for the circuit Barra-Ondina.

More than 84,000 foliões visited the camarotes

The event organization implemented guest WiFi in the Camarote Salvador and the Camarote Villa Mix, with the support of BR Defender, a company that specialized in information security.

Cloud4Wi allowed the collection of valuable insights into foliões so the organizers of the Camarote Salvador and the Camarote Villa Mix could track their offline behavior. This anonymous and aggregated information were available when foliões were in motion in the camarote, as long as they were connected to the WiFi network.

With Cloud4Wi’s application suite, the event organization also provided foliões with an easy-to-use WiFi connection, allowing them to quickly go online through a splash page customized for each camarote.

Foliões were able to log in with their email address or their social network account, and were asked to accept the policy about promotional communications. Doing so gave the event organizers an easy way to grow their guest database while remaining in compliance with the latest LGDP regulation.

During the 7-day event, more than 84,000 foliões visited the Camarote Salvador and the Camarote Villa Mix (out of 2.25M persons walking around the camarotes) and more than 6,500 foliões used the WiFi services. The organizers saw a 67% opt-in rate, which was a tremendous result.

Here’s some additional information about the “connected” foliões:

  • 63% were between 25 and 34-year-old
  • 57% were female
  • 72% used their iPhone to go online.

A win-win situation

All in all, the organization efforts of Camarote Salvador and the Camarote Villa Mix were incredibly successful.

Foliões had access to reliable WiFi that allowed them to share their experiences and stay connected with their friends. The camarotes, on the other hand, were able to grow their database and gather valuable guest data — all while staying compliant with LGDP. Talk about a win-win situation!

Looking to enhance your event with a rare magic? Get in touch with Cloud4Wi and discover how we can help you collect guest insights while creating amazing experiences at the same time!

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