Cloud4Wi and Splio are officially partnered!

July 20, 2021

We are proud and excited to be launching our partnership with Splio! With this integration partnership, joint clients will be able to seamlessly leverage customer profiles collected and enriched in Cloud4Wi to trigger advanced loyalty marketing use cases within the Splio connected customer platform.

What does Cloud4Wi do?
Cloud4Wi’s innovative location-based marketing solution helps companies fill the offline gap of the digital customer journey with location-based marketing capabilities. With Cloud4Wi, companies can collect customer profiles on-site and shed light on their offline behaviors. This way companies gain a 360-degree view of their customers and can connect with them at the right moment (at the right time and place) via the right channel; ultimately yielding high conversion rates and optimizing marketing spend.

What does Splio do?
Splio is a SaaS new loyalty marketing platform that helps marketers to engage and retain their prospects and customers on all channels creating long-term and profitable relationships. Splio platform combines  Marketing Automation, New Loyalty Marketing, Mobile Wallets, Referral Marketing and WeChat, enabling marketers to create and manage both transactional and relationship-based digital loyalty programs, dematerialize loyalty cards on mobiles and ultra-personalize marketing campaigns on all channels.

How do Cloud4Wi and Splio deliver added value to clients?
With this new partnership, Cloud4Wi is helping Splio redefine loyalty marketing by delivering an unprecedented degree of visibility over customers and their journeys, ultimately enabling high-value loyalty use-cases. Cloud4Wi makes it easier for Splio clients to collect and create in-target customer profiles, while providing new ways to connect with customers and to orchestrate unique, tailored journeys.

By utilizing Cloud4Wi and Splio in tandem, marketers are able to drive the volume and quality of their customer data, ultimately shaping relevant marketing initiatives with a clear ROI.

For more information on how Cloud4Wi and Splio can revolutionize your martech stack, contact us!

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