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User Journey

In order to improve the efficiency of the Splash Portal, we have introduced a powerful tool called “User journey” which allows you to control the end user experience during the Guest WiFi onboarding process. This applies to particular events completed by users including ConnectSign upSign in and Sign out. The “User Journey” enables you to easily trigger the applications in the desired order after each event is completed by the end users.

The “User Journey” changes the way Applications’ trigger was set before. Now you can manage all the interactions directly from this tool, without having to visit the management section of each application.

To use the new “User Journey”, you need to follow a few steps to migrate from the old trigger management. Please check the Migration Guide here.

You are now able to configure the new system and changes will be updated immediately. The new triggering system will be totally in place on October 22nd. Starting from this date, the old settings of the application will be removed. So we recommend that you migrate all data before this date.


WiFi Presence Analytics update

The WiFi Presence Analytics have been updated to a new version. We revised the nomenclature and a few KPIs to improve the performance. Please visit the documentation page for more details.

Check out the Release Note