We are pleased to announce the following improvements on the Cloud4Wi platform. Some of the highlights are as follows:

Enhancing your Guest Wi-Fi with the new Hotspot Analytics

Now you have the opportunity to easily understand the performance of your Wi-Fi hotspots and continuously improve your Wi-Fi services. We selected the most relevant metrics from “Presence Hotspot Analytics” and included them in “Hotspot Analytics”. We also added two more metrics: the number of new Wi-Fi users by time of the day and by day of the week.

Customizing the login experience. More login options are available.

We understand that delivering an appealing on-boarding process is critical to the success of your Wi-Fi services. To provide you with maximum flexibility, we added new login options. Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, and Gmail are now ready to be implemented, whilst Sina Weibo, Baidu, QQ, and Renren are available upon request.

Integrating Cloud4Wi into your external systems through the new Analytics APIs

Now you can enrich your legacy IT systems using specific information about your Wi-Fi. We introduced the APIs to enable retrieving data from Hotspot Analytics. These APIs are available upon request, only in the Unlimited Edition.

Protecting the privacy of yo ur customers in the EU

We updated our Privacy Policy, according to the latest decision of the European Court of Justice. This means that personal data collected in the EU will not be transferred to a country or territory outside the EU. We ensure the best practices regarding collection, use and storage of data. For more information on our guidelines, please visit here.

Check out the Release Note