Cloud4Wi for
Cisco Meraki

Discover how Cloud4Wi adds value on top of Cisco Meraki WiFi networks

Cisco Meraki

About Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest-grade components and thoughtfully augmented for a smooth user experience.
The outcome: more rapid connections, higher user capacity, increased coverage, and lower support calls.
Cisco Meraki dashboard offers unified management, control, and visibility
without the complexity and cost of overlay management software or controller appliances.

Seamless set-up, advanced functionality

Cloud4Wi over-the-top of Cisco Meraki enables you to offer secure and seamless WiFi services
across all your locations, while unleashing location aware experiences
– without any additional workload for IT staff.

Seamless secure WiFi

Embrace Passpoint and connect your users automatically and securely, with and without mobile app

Global data compliance

Remain compliant with data protection regulations on a global scale with granular control over data processing

Unlimited integrations

Seamlessly integrate WiFi with your systems –such as CRM– to streamline existing operations workflows

Mobile SDK

Leverage WiFi events and WiFi users behaviors to craft totally new on-site mobile app experiences

Marketing tools

Use Cloud4Wi’s powerful marketing tools to reach out to WiFi users with location-based content

WiFi analytics

Gain valuable insights about WiFi users with regards to who they are and how they behave while in your locations

Cloud4Wi and Meraki power lean WiFi
with marketing and analytics capabilities

Cloud-based deployment

Cloud4Wi can be deployed in a matter of minutes globally, thanks to our cloud-based approach

Hardware compatibility

Cloud4Wi is fully compatible with MR, MX and Z1 series model APs. Visit the Help Center for more information

Certified Partner

Cloud4Wi is a certified Cisco Meraki ISV Partner. Cloud4Wi is listed on Cisco Meraki’s Marketplace

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