Unleash Cloud4Wi’s Powerful Capabilities Behind Guest Wi-Fi

If you’re looking to provide the best Guest Wi-Fi service to your customers, choose one that is an industry leader, has a sophisticated and intuitive platform, is rich in features and ensures you have a seamless migration. But most importantly, pick one that lets you keep your entire revenue share. No other company can give you all this…except Cloud4Wi.

With tiered plans, you can pick the one that best fit your business needs.

  • Revenue Share
  • Internet Policies
  • Login Options
  • Analytics
  • Applications
  • SMS
  • Customer List Exporting
  • Brand Customization
  • Multi-venue management
  • 20%
  • Limited plans - no PINs
  • Username / password and social
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Coupon and email marketing applications only
  • Unlimited – no QoS
  • All – no validation
  • Customer and hotspot analytics
  • Spot news, weather, external links, coupon and email marketing applications
  • All
  • All
  • Presence, location, customer and hotspot analytics
  • Full feature set