high-margin revenue
with Cloud4Wi

Partners are at the core of our business, so we’ve designed the Cloud4Wi Partner Program to make sure our partners and their clients are set up for success.

Why become a Cloud4Wi Partner?

Cloud4Wi delivers a product suite that enables companies
to empower their guest WiFi experience and unlock the power of location-based marketing.
Cloud4Wi also offers a powerful set of integration and development tools
that give partners a significant competitive advantage

Discount and Incentives

Partner discounts and access to
qualified leads

Deal Registration

Being the first to register a deal will get you dedicated pre-sales support

Lead Assignment

Receive valuable qualified leads to do business with

Tools and Resources

Gain access to a rich set of sales tools and marketing resources

Training and Education

Become an expert and promote, (up)sell and offer support for Cloud4Wi’s product suite

Technical Support

Benefit from priority handling of your clients’ support tickets

Any question? Check out our FAQs

What is the Cloud4Wi Partner Program?

We know how competitive the guest WiFi and location-based marketing industry is, so we’ve designed the Cloud4Wi Partner Program to help you expand your portfolio offerings and stand out against competitors. Our program is designed to make sure you and your clients are set up for success. We’re invested in making sure your company generates both business value and profitable results from our joint partnership. We offer our partners a significant advantage by providing them with partner discounts, easy ramp-up with training and certifications, ample opportunity for business development and so much more.

How does the Cloud4Wi Partner Program work?

Solution providers, service providers, system integrators, managed service providers and carriers can apply to become a Cloud4Wi Partner. All partners are given access to unique benefits, such as the opportunity to register deals.

How do I become a partner and where do I start?

1. Fill out our “Become a Partner” form
2. Sign and complete the Cloud4Wi Partner Agreement.
3. Complete online trainings
4. Purchase a NFR Demo Kit
5. Start selling!

Once we receive your submission, we will reach out to you and proceed with assembling the Cloud4Wi Partner Agreement for both parties to sign.

Do I have to make a heavy upfront investment?

Becoming a Cloud4Wi Partner requires a low upfront cost to buy the NRF Demo Kit.

Where can I go to learn more about the Cloud4Wi Partner Program?

Read through our Cloud4Wi Partner Program Overview. It’ll help you better understand what our program entails, including all the benefits you can enjoy, as well as what the requirements are. Download it here.