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There’s a huge market opportunity in guest Wi-Fi and we’re on a quest to build strong, long-lasting partnerships that will join us in becoming front-runners in this new and rapidly-growing industry.

Partners are at the core of our business, so we’ve designed the Volare Partner Program to make sure our partners and their customers are set up for success. If you’re looking to expand your business portfolio, upsell existing customers and draw in new ones, then look no further. We value the relationships we build with our partners and are invested in making sure they generate both business value and profitable results. Find out more by reading our Volare Partner Program Brochure.


Marketing Development Funds

Get funds to promote joint marketing success

Deal registration

Enjoy special additional discounts and deal protection

Training and Education

Become a Volare expert and promote, sell, and offer support for Volare platforms

Proof of Concept Program

Acquire new businesses by giving customers a live, first-hand experience

Sales and Marketing Enablement

Gain access to a rich set of resources plus the opportunity to co-brand collateral and activities

Technical Support

Get special priority to your support tickets and have access our helpful Support Center


What is the Volare™ Partner Program?

We know how competitive the guest Wi-Fi industry is, and so we’ve designed the Volare Partner Program to help you expand your portfolio offerings and stand out against competitors. Our program is designed to make sure you are set up for success; we’re invested in making sure your organization generates both business value and profitable results from our joint partnership. We offer our partners a significant advantage by providing them with special discounts and incentives, easy ramp-up with training and certifications, ample opportunity for business development and so much more.

How does the Volare Partner Program work?

Solution providers, service providers and system integrators can apply to become a Volare partner. The program offers two levels of partnership – Gold and Silver. Requirements and benefits differ based on the partnership level. Volare partners are given access to a comprehensive Partner Portal, which hosts training material, sales tools, marketing collateral and more.

Which level should I choose: Silver or Gold?

Everyone starts out as a Silver partner. If you’d like to move into the Gold level, talk to your account manager first. While the commitment is greater for Gold partners, the rewards are far superior. For instance, Gold partners have a revenue commitment, but they also enjoy the opportunity to register deals, receive Marketing Development Funds, partake in the Proof of Concept Program and more.

I want to become a partner; where do I start?

Fill out and submit the “Become a Partner” form. Once we receive your submission, we will reach out and proceed with assembling the Partner Agreement for both parties to sign.

Do I have to make a heavy upfront investment?

Not at all. We have a low-cost entry and a quick and easy onboarding process. The only monetary commitment needed from you is a Not-for-resale (NFR) kit purchase.

What are my expectations for the first three months?

1. Sign the Volare Partner Agreement.

2. Purchase an NFR Kit.

3. Complete online training courses and certifications.

Where can I go to learn more about the Volare Partner Program?

Read through our Volare Partner Program Brochure. It’ll help you better understand what our program entails, including all the benefits you can enjoy, as well as what the requirements and commitments are.

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