Cloud4Wi Certification

Become a next-gen WiFi expert today!

Take your knowledge of the WiFi industry to the next level with our recently revisited Certification Program: develop a solid understanding of cloud-based guest WiFi solutions, while gaining specific skills that will enable you to sell and upkeep Cloud4Wi products.

Getting certified is easy, free, and only requires a couple hours of your time!

How you can benefit from the certification

Gain expert insights on WiFi industry

Take advantage of our pluriannual expertise in the WiFi industry to learn from the best. You will be trained and tested by our industry experts, and once we think you are ready, we send you out in the world to resell our products!

Develop marketable skills

Successful completion of the certificate program enables you to actively develop business and close deals as you see fit. Become a driving force in helping Cloud4Wi deliver industry-leading products to our clients. Start today to reap the rewards!

Join the Cloud4Wi Partner Community

Join the Cloud4Wi network to get in touch with your peers and exchange business strategies and much more. We encourage and promote cooperation among our certificate holders as we believe there is power in numbers!

generate revenue

Positively impact your business

Drive your company’s business by effectively reselling Cloud4Wi products

  • Fully incorporate Cloud4Wi’s product excellence within your company’s business model
  • Deliver high value-adding products and services to your clients
  • Generate high-margin revenue through a limited investment of resources

Extend the reach of your network

Grow your corporate network by tapping into the Cloud4Wi Partner Community

  • Find other certified partner resellers
  • Engage with partner network to consolidate industry learnings and to share insights
  • Bolster your Cloud4Wi product strategy thanks to the Partner Community
engage with certified partners