Carrier WiFi

People are already heavily reliant on WiFi for their data needs, and there is no surprise that the trend is only expected to rise in the near future, creating a need for a whole new level of WiFi. With Cloud4Wi’s carrier WiFi solution, you can easily boost your subscriber satisfaction and gain a strong edge in the market.

Carrier WiFi

Leading global service providers rely on Cloud4Wi


Power your carrier WiFi initiative with Cloud4Wi

Seamless Secure WiFi

Seamless and secure WiFi

Grant automatic, secure WiFi access to your subscribers offering superior connectivity when compared to congested cellular networks.

WiFi Connectivity

Global WiFi connectivity

Join the WBA OpenRoaming Federation with ease. Enable your subscribers to go online automatically and securely in any location of the federation.

indoor coverage

Indoor coverage and added capacity

Get indoor coverage and added capacity in dense areas. Offer WiFi calling to your subscribers or embrace WiFi offload with ease.