Bus2Bus 2017

April 25-26, 2017


Cloud4Wi at Bus2Bus 2017!

Bus2Bus is the future meeting point for the growth industry bus, taking place April 25-26 in Berlin. The event brings people together to discuss new business approaches and new partnerships for the bus industry. Bus2Bus connects exhibitors and trade visitors with technology start-ups and inspires the industry with new ideas and solutions.

The demand for Wi-Fi inside various transportation fleets – especially buses – is only growing. People want to get connected during their ride because it helps pass time and allows them to get work done during their commute. That’s why Cloud4Wi will have a booth at Bus2Bus. We’ll be showcasing how the Volare platform works for buses and sharing why Wi-Fi on buses is such a crucial amenity to provide riders. If you plan on attending Bus2Bus, be sure to find our booth!

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