Today we have an unprecedented opportunity to observe and measure how our society intimately works, by analyzing the big data and digital trends of human activities sensed through ICT systems we use everyday.

The idea of Big Data is emerging with the hope of exploiting the hidden knowledge to solve fundamental problems of our society and the economy.

Cloud4Wi, the industry’s leading platform for advanced guest WiFi, is proud to sponsor the Big Data Master at the prestigious University of Pisa. The course is designed to train “data scientists” and professionals with a mix of multi-disciplinary skills that allow them not only to extract data, but also to tell “stories” through these data, to support creative decisions and innovative services, and to handle the ethical and legal implications of big data raising issues related to privacy, transparency and awareness.

The Master includes internships in collaboration with partner companies including Cloud4Wi. Cloud4Wi will provide candidates with opportunities to collect experience with modern data analysis and to learn about innovative ways to bring value to existing WiFi infrastructure of retail chains, restaurants, shopping malls and other venues.

Students will gain a real-world experience, build their professional network and receive a valuable career boost through Cloud4Wi.

Cloud4Wi enables businesses to promote their brand, and to learn about and better engage their customers – connecting more than 45 million mobile users across over 15,000 locations in more than 80 countries.

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