Easily integrate Cloud4Wi into third-party systems

A Rich Set Of Powerful APIs

Customer APIs

Use the Customer APIs to access data about customers who used your Guest Wi-Fi, including their demographic information and email addresses. Your CRM (ERP) and Marketing Automation (Email Marketing) Systems will benefit from a valuable list of qualified, opt-in contacts.

Wi-Fi Usage APIs

Leveraging the Wi-Fi Usage APIs, you can access data about how customers are using Wi-Fi across all your locations, including impressions and connections. You can create your custom dashboards and reports to improve your performance.

Marketing APIs

Using the Marketing APIs, retrieve data about the couponing campaigns you have organized over Wi-Fi, across all your locations. You can validate the coupons you have offered to your customers, for istance, by scanning the QR codes.

Presence APIs

Retrieve data about total traffic, passerbys and visits, as well as engagement and loyalty through the Presence APIs. You can feed your Business Intelligence Systems and perform a bechmarking analysis across all your locations.

Network APIs

Collect data from all your locations, including hotspots deployed, through the Network APIs. You can create an inventory of the Wi-Fi access points installed in your locations and track the roll-out of your Wi-Fi network.

Troubleshooting APIs

Take advantage of the Troubleshooting APIs to extract data about errors that occur during the login authentication process. You can use this data to feed your Management System and improve your Guest Wi-Fi Service.


More Cloud4Wi APIs are in development and will be released in 2016.

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How Do Cloud4Wi APIs Work?

Enable the Cloud4Wi APIs by creating
your credentials and accepting terms of use

Check the documentation out and learn
how to interact with Cloud4Wi APIs

Build your REST call and Cloud4Wi APIs will
provide you with easy-to-digest JSON data


Start using APIs as good as a geek

Make a request directly in our sandbox and see the magic

Get your data easily and quickly

Leverage RESTful technology to retrieve data you want

Enjoy the high degree of flexibility

Choose the API that best fits your specific need

Improve your operational efficiency

Feed your legacy IT systems with valuable data automatically

Sample Use Cases

  • Enrich CRM and ERP Systems with detailed information about your locations and customers
  • Grow databases in Email Marketing and Marketing Automation systems by feeding in opt-in marketing lists
  • Verify coupons offered to your customers through third-party Coupon Validation systems
  • Feed Business Intelligence systems to get new insights to improve business performance