May 3, 2023

Andrea Calcagno listed among the Best Entrepreneurs to Watch 2023 by CIO Bulletin

Best Entrepreneurs to Watch 2023

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Andrea Calcagno, has been named one of the Best Entrepreneurs to Watch of 2023 by CIO Bulletin. This award recognizes his outstanding entrepreneurial and leadership skills, based on innovation and creativity.

Who is the CIO Bulletin?

CIO Bulletin is a preeminent leadership platform serving as the central resource for information on business and information technology leaders and their entrepreneurial ventures. From celebrating innovation to identifying best practices, this publication provides readers with insights into how techie giants are shaping organizational change in today’s IT world through its peer-based and solutions-oriented approach that seeks out new ideas.

Why CIO Bulletin named our CEO

As a leader, Andrea Calcagno shows extraordinary dedication and enthusiasm for his work, guided by strong moral principles such as integrity and honesty. He is committed to facing the difficulties of the everyday work culture, always putting team members, customers and stakeholders first.

What CIO Bulletin says about our CEO

Here’s what CIO Bulletin says about Andrea Calcagno: “He is a mentor and advisor for several startups, and has been recognized for his entrepreneurial and leadership skills by various organizations and publications. Under his leadership, Cloud4Wi has become a global leader, serving clients in various sectors including retail, hospitality, and transportation.”

What is our CEO’s point of view

“Innovation, in my opinion, is the secret to success. As a result, I support innovation at Cloud4Wi and urge our staff to be open to change and think creatively. […]  I foster an agile culture at my organization as well. When conditions change, we are ready to quickly pivot and modify my business tactics” says Andrea Calcagno, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud4Wi.

Read the interview with Andrea Calcagno here!

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