Anas selects Cloud4Wi to improve travelers’ experience

November 20, 2017
Guest WiFi gives retailers a high-touch advantage

Anas and their digital transformation

We are thrilled to share that Anas selected Cloud4Wi to improve the travelers’ experience, by implementing a digital transformation project.

Anas is an Italian government-owned company created for the construction and maintenance of Italian motorways and state highways under the control of Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The digital transformation project has the primary goal of creating a system to provide WiFi connectivity and information services to travelers on the roads under Anas’ purview, as well as gathering information and connecting with these travelers.

In particular, Anas wants to deliver guest WiFi with a consistent experience across all its service areas. Leveraging this network, Anas can gather “opt-in” information on each individual traveler, as well as estimating the number of travelers visiting each service area. Based on this data, Anas will be able to trigger notifications regarding emergency info, accidents, traffic conditions and other road conditions with which travelers’ need to be concerned. Anas also plan to boost the volume of downloads for their current mobile app and promote businesses in the service area itself, such as gas stations, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Cloud4Wi selected during the Open Italy Program

The selection process that brought Anas to Cloud4Wi began when they joined the Open Italy Program.

The Open Italy Program was created by the Ministry of Economic Development and designed specifically to match Italian enterprises with innovative Italian startups to meet these firms’ technical needs. Unlike the United States, where larger enterprises commonly work with smaller, cutting-edge companies to solve specific technical challenges, Italy’s larger companies have historically taken a more conservative approach and avoided working with young companies. As a result, Open Italy was established to demonstrate the potential of collaboration between large enterprises and agile startups.

These large companies identified five areas of interest and outlined the specific issues they needed to solve. These areas included customer relationship management, cyber security, fleet management, workforce management, and predictive maintenance.

The selection committee for Open Italy is a veritable “who’s who” of Italian business leadership. Leaders from companies such as Vodafone, Earnest & Young, MPS, Sotel, and many other VCs and business consultants made up the decision-making team for Open Italy.

Cloud4Wi was one of over a dozen startups that submitted a proposal for presence analytics and customer engagement functionality. After an extensive and thorough review process, Cloud4Wi was selected by Anas as the primary technical solution for the project related to customer relationship management.

Cloud4Wi sits on top of the WiFi network to understand and engage travelers. Because Volare has an open and flexible architecture, Cloud4Wi was able to get a pilot application up and running within just a few days. As a result, Anas quickly saw the benefits of leveraging a cloud-based application layer over the WiFi network and made a final decision to adopt Volare.

Cloud4Wi has Italian heritage so this success story is particularly sweet. We’re proud to contribute to Italian infrastructure, and to demonstrate to other Italian enterprises what can be accomplished when enterprises and startups work together.

Want to discover more about the traveler experience of future offered by Anas? Watch the video now.

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