Improve customer experience for travelers with guest WiFi

airport use casePeople are increasingly relying on connected mobile devices to fulfill their customer experiences while traveling, such as checking a flight status, searching for a point of interest such as airport amenities, and getting directions. Therefore, guest WiFi is a must-have that travelers expect whenever they arrive at an airport.

That’s why we have created a new airport use case. Introducing Gerard Stewart Airport, a sample American airport.

While waiting for their flight to take off, travelers can enjoy the free guest WiFi offered by GSA and enjoy a new customer experience.

Travelers can check flight statuses directly from their mobile device and stay on schedule. They can also easily explore the airport – amenities, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, and more – with the indoor wayfinding feature provided. They can check the local weather, as well as the latest breaking news.

Airport retail stores can offer special discounts by sending travelers an email a few minutes after they’ve connected to the WiFi. This can encourage them to make on-the-spot purchases.

The airport can collect valuable insight into travelers and their behavior in the terminal – where they go and how much time they spend in a specific area. They can also promote a survey to gather feedback from travelers about what areas the airport and stores can improve on.

Request a demo of our guest WiFi platform today and see how it can improve the customer experience at airports, allowing travelers to stay connected to everything the airport has to offer.

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