How can a national automotive registry and auto club digitalize its customer experience and improve satisfaction with its services? That is the question that led the Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) to Cloud4Wi.

ACI is a non-profit club that, by law, protects the interests of motorists and provides services across Italy. It provides vehicle registration and title transfers, but also offers roadside assistance to stranded motorists. Some compare ACI to a combination of an auto club and a department of motor vehicles as they exist separately in other countries.

Create a multichannel experience

ACI’s challenge was to create a multichannel experience that allowed citizens to be served from their homes all the way to the service counter at an ACI facility. Access from home, smartphones, and a mobile app were all required.


Start off by providing guest WiFi

Free guest WiFi is one of the pieces of this puzzle that also includes the innovative “ACI Space” mobile app. With “ACI Space” citizens can receive technical, legal and tax information on vehicles, request roadside assistance, locate and pay for parking, and other services from their smartphones.

ACI worked with Cloud4Wi to offer free guest WiFi services across more than 80 locations in Italy. Guest WiFi provides access to ACI-created and branded content to citizens inside the locations, as well as access to the Internet. This feature gives citizens something fun to do while waiting to be served at the ACI counter.

Because Cloud4Wi’s product suite was already GDPR-compliant, the May 25 deadline to implement the EU’s new privacy regulations did not create a challenge for ACI’s WiFi installation.

Digitalize the citizen experience and beyond

Using Cloud4Wi’s product suite, ACI was able to:

  • Digitalize the citizen experience
  • Offer free guest WiFi with fast, secure login
  • Collect information on citizens and their behavior to offer personalized services
  • Create a value-added network for existing and future ACI’s services
  • Be recognized for the ability to innovate to serve citizens better.

As a company founded in Italy that maintains development and other operations there, Cloud4Wi is thrilled to have another Italian success story, especially one so visible to everyone, including our many Italian customers and our Italy-based employees.

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