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With Cloud4Wi, you can offer an automatic, secure WiFi access and unleash innovative location-aware experiences, while driving positive business outcomes.

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  • Deliver automatic and secure WiFi access, and unleash innovative location-aware experiences

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  • Automate PPSK management for a seamless, secure, personalized wireless experience, reducing IT workload

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  • Unleash innovative location-aware app experiences for success in an ever changing digital marketplace

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“Customer insights are a cornerstone for Campari’s journey towards data-driven marketing. Cloud4Wi’s solution enables us to collect profiles with opt-ins data from the bartender - and consumer - focused events.”
Chad Niemuth
Vice President Global IT — Marketing and Sales
“Cloud4Wi’s solution enables us to understand who our customers are and how they behave in the stores while respecting their privacy. Thanks to this in-depth knowledge, we will be able to deliver compelling and much more personalized experiences.”
Lorenzo Bertelli
Owner and Chief Digital Officer
“Cloud4Wi is a responsive and good partner. We would recommend them to any enterprise looking to implement or improve their guest WiFi amenities.”
Chris L. Smith
Director, PMO

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