Discover who is behind the scenes

Meet the Cloud4Wi Team

  • Alessandro Angelini
    Alessandro Angelini
    VP Direct Sales Europe
  • Alessandro Lucaferro
    Alessandro Lucaferro
    Senior Platform Developer
  • Alessio Grasso
    Senior Project Manager, International
  • Amina Garau
    Amina Garau
    Pre-Sales Consultant Director
  • Ana Esguerra
    Ana Esguerra
    Big Data Developer
  • Andrea Calcagno
    Andrea Calcagno
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Anthony Delli Colli
    Anthony Delli Colli
    SVP, Global Business Development
  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez
    Inside Channel Account Manager
  • Arianna Morelli
    Senior Project Manager
  • Armida Kaloti
    Armida Kaloti
    Channel Marketing Manager
  • Bharat Talakad
    Bharath Talakad
    Sales Engineer
  • Bill Pascuzzi
    Managing Director, APAC
  • Brodie Kirkeby
    Brodie Kirkeby
    Vice President, Sales Americas
  • Carlo Treves
    Carlo Treves
    VP Service Provider
  • Cristina Parigi
    Cristina Parigi
    International Sales Manager
  • Dan Donovan
    Dan Donovan
    Strategic Sales Director
  • Daniel Kennedy
    Dan Kennedy
    Strategic Sales Director
  • Dan Murray
    Dan Murray
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Davide Quadrini
    Davide Quadrini
    CTO & Co-Founder
  • Edna Paez
    Office Operation and HR Manager
  • Elena Briola
    Elena Briola
    VP Marketing
  • Elina
    Elina Lipkin
    Senior Marketing Manager
  • Emanuele Pagani
    Visual and Design Manager
  • Emilia Traficante
    Emilia Traficante
    Location Analytics-Based Service Scientist
  • Enrico Carella
    Operations Manager
  • Fabio Pinelli
    Fabio Pinelli
    Senior Data Scientist
  • Fabrizio Caso
    Technical & Product Operation Manager
  • Felicia Dorng
    Felicia Dorng
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Fortunato Manna
    Fortunato Manna
    Senior Developer
  • Fred De Castro
    Fred DeCastro
    Director - Latin America Sales
  • Gabriele Pinzauti
    Gabriele Pinzauti
    Senior Developer
  • Gianni Altamura
    Gianni Altamura
    VP Sales International
  • Giampiero Radano
    Gianpiero Radano
    Senior Mobile Developer
  • Giovanni Pecora
    Giovanni Pecora
    VP of Technology and Operations EMEA
  • Graham Cove
    Graham Cove
    Managing Director, UK Business and Operation
  • Greg Hunter
    Greg Hunter
    Mid Market Sales Director
  • Hellen Li
    Sales Operations Manager, International
  • Ivan Muccini
    Ivan Muccini
    VP Product Planning & Design
  • Jay Milagroso
    Jay Gavino Milagroso
    Senior PHP Developer
  • Jeff Abramowitz
  • Jeoffrey Benosa Lim
    Jeoffrey Benosa Lim
    Senior Big Data Engineer
  • Jijomon Thottungalthara
    Jijomon Thottungalthara
    Senior Developer
  • Kelly Kearns
    Sales Operations Director for the Americas
  • Lorenzo Lato
    Lorenzo Lato
    Finance and Operations Director
  • Lorenzo Salvadorini
    Lorenzo Salvadorini
    Cloud Operation Manager
  • Luca Pruneti
    Luca Pruneti
    Senior Developer
  • Luca Valtriani
    Luca Valtriani
    Regional Sales Director
  • Luzmarie Lara
    Luzmarie Lara
    Office Manager
  • Madzmar Ullang
    Madzmar Ullang
    Senior PHP Developer
  • Marco Pugliese
    Marco Pugliese
    Senior Web Developer
  • Maria Medori
    Maria Medori
    Marketing Specialist/Business Analyst Intern
  • Mary Anne Pesigan
    Mary Anne Pesigan
    Developer Team Lead and Agile Lead
  • Matteo Veronelli
    Matteo Veronelli
    Retail Sales Director
  • Paul Kersse
    Paul Kersse
    Strategic Sales Director
  • Peter Wells
    Peter Wells
    SVP Sales
  • Ranice Lee
    Ranice Lee
    Global HR Director
  • Rosalba Campanale
    Rosalba Campanale
    Pre-Sales Consultant Director
  • Samuele Giachetti
    Samuele Giachetti
    Support & Delivery Engineer
  • Sean Kearney
    Strategic Sales Director
  • Silvio Sangineto
    User Experience Designer
  • Simon Harris
    Simon Harris
    Marketing Strategic Director
  • Simon Hollister
    Simon L.Hollister
    Channel Sales Director
  • Taylor Case
    Front-End Engineer
  • Tiziano Martinelli
    Pre-sales Consultant
  • Veronica Galbiati
    Partner Director Manager International
  • Xavier Fornetty
    Xavier Fornetty
    Regional Sales Director, France