Personalize customer experiences


Triggered Campaigns

Triggered Campaigns

Reach customers at the right time and place by sending emails, texts and push notifications straight to their mobile devices.



    Strategically place banner ads on Welcome Portals and trigger splash page advertisements during the onboarding process.

      Social Media Marketing

      Social Media Marketing

      Expand your social media presence by encouraging Wi-Fi users to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ your accounts, ‘Check-in’ to your location, and make posts to their own accounts.

        Do you want to better connect with your customers and provide them with powerful location-based services?

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        Target specific audiences more effectively

        segment builder

        Segment Builder

        Fine-tune your marketing initiatives by sending messages catered to specific interests and demographics. With the Segment Builder, you can ‘bucket’ customers into different lists based on attributes and actions they’ve performed – helping reach customers more effectively.

        How does it work?

        Triggered Campaigns

        Create a triggered marketing campaign

        Customer visits your location for the third time and gets connected

        Customer gets sent an email with a special loyalty discount


        Customer connects to the guest Wi-Fi

        A short survey is prompted

        Customer gets online while you collect valuable feedback


        Customer connects to the guest Wi-Fi

        A banner ad appears on the Welcome Portal

        Customer is enticed, taps on the ad, and makes a purchase

        Posts on Facebook

        Customer logs in using his/her Facebook account

        Customer accepts to show your post on his/her Facebook timeline

        Your brand is promoted to the customer’s social network

        Unleash Your Creativity

        Maximize your omnichannel reach and design a customer journey tailored to fit your business needs. Cloud4Wi provides the unique capability to create engaging access journeys and personalize experiences with triggered campaigns, advertising, surveys and coupons.


        Keep customers happy and engaged

        Make customers feel special through personal messages and discounts

        Increase loyalty

        Recognize and reward frequent customers

        Drive on-the-spot purchases

        Entice customers with promos that drive purchases

        Boost sales

        Increase revenue by encouraging in-store purchases


        Volare offers a collection of customized applications that can be added to your Welcome Portal. Choose the ones that best fit your business and location needs.

        • Use banners and splash pages to promote offers and mobile app downloads.
        • Promote special offers through virtual coupon campaigns.
        • Create email campaigns to reach customers more effectively.
          Email Marketing
        • Direct customers to your website and other related links.
          External Links
        • Targeted campaigns help reach customers at just the right moment.
          Triggered Campaigns
        • Boost customer satisfaction by offering prizes they can win.
          Instant Win
        • social marketing
          Gain more visibility on social media networks.
          Social Media Marketing
        • Understand your customers’ preferences.