Dev Suite

Customization to fit your business needs




Integrate Volare into third-party systems, such as CRM, marketing automation tools and business intelligence tools. Automatically feed valuable data into existing systems to give a more complete overview of your business and your customers, helping to improve operations.

    My Apps

    My Apps

    Enhance your business and improve customer engagement by creating your own apps. Develop custom-built apps to fit specific business needs and promote them on the Welcome Portal, or design the Access Journey so that your apps are triggered when specific actions are performed.

      Mobile SDK

      Mobile SDK

      Give your mobile app a boost by integrating Volare Wi-Fi login services and beacon-triggered mobile engagement campaigns. For example, you can limit free internet access to 30 minutes for customers who do not have the mobile app, and allow customers that have the app unlimited connection time.

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        A Rich Set Of Powerful APIs

        User Data APIs

        Leverage User Data APIs to get information about customers who used your guest Wi-Fi, such as demographics and email addresses. Feed your CRM (or ERP) and Marketing Automation (or Email Marketing) systems and benefit from compiling a valuable list of qualified, opt-in contacts.

        Guest Wi-Fi APIs

        By using Guest Wi-Fi APIs, you can get access data about how customers are using Wi-Fi across all your locations, and see impressions and connections. Create custom dashboards and reports to improve your performance.

        Marketing APIs

        Retrieve data from your Wi-Fi-powered couponing campaigns using the Marketing APIs. For instance, if you’ve got coupon campaigns set up, you can scan QR codes to validate coupons offered to customers.

        Presence APIs

        Feed your Business Intelligence systems by pulling data about total traffic, passersby and visits, as well as engagement and retention through the Presence APIs – this enables you to perform benchmarking analyses across all your locations.

        Network APIs

        Through the Network APIs, you can collect data from all your locations. You can create an inventory of the Wi-Fi access points installed in your locations and track the roll-out of your Wi-Fi network.

        Troubleshooting APIs

        Take advantage of the Troubleshooting APIs to extract data about errors that have occurred during the login authentication process. Use this data to feed your management system and improve your guest Wi-Fi Service.


        More Cloud4Wi APIs are in development and will be announced soon!

        Use Cases

        My Apps
        Mobile SDK
        • Create responsive surveys based on previous answers
        • Feed Business Intelligence systems to get new insights to improve business performance
        • Verify coupons offered to your customers through third-party Coupon Validation systems
        • Enrich CRM and ERP Systems with detailed information about your locations and customers
        • Only show specific content when customers meet certain criteria
        • Grow databases in Email Marketing and Marketing Automation systems by feeding in opt-in marketing lists
        • Provide a custom map of points of interest near or within your location
        • Integrate Volare login services into your mobile app for a seamless onboarding experience
        • Build effective loyalty programs to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers
        • Create marketing messages to target specific customers by leveraging the data collected
        • Entice customers with push notifications through beacon-triggered campaigns
        • Deliver daily specials, deals and coupons based on who the customer is