Top businesses rely on Cloud4Wi

Cloud4Wi connects more than 55 million mobile users across 15,000 locations in more than 80 countries.

Shopping Malls
Smart Cities
  • Clarks
    Clarks chose Cloud4Wi so it could collect valuable data about their in-store shoppers and focus targeted campaigns around them.
  • Armani
    Armani selected Cloud4Wi so it could offer customers a superior digital in-store experience, as well as easy access to store information.
  • Prada
    With a worldwide deployment in mind, Prada chose Cloud4Wi because of its multi-language support and multi-level management.
  • Bulgari
    With Cloud4Wi’s flexible APIs, Bulgari easily integrated Presence Analytics and customer information into their existing CRM tool.
  • Ermenegildo Zegna
    Ermenegildo Zegna wanted to get a better idea of who worldwide customers were. With Cloud4Wi, they’ were able to get shopper demographics across all their stores.
  • Ikea
    Ikea selected Cloud4Wi because it met strict Wi-Fi regulations and had the ability to flexibly manage numerous Ikea stores from one control panel.
  • Haribo
    Haribo stores wanted to provide a sweet Wi-Fi experience for customers and decided to use Cloud4Wi to achieve their goals.
  • Swatch
    Swatch shoppers on the market for a new watch can now connect to the Wi-Fi, read reviews and price compare with Cloud4Wi guest Wi-Fi.
  • Ford
    Shopping for a new car takes time, and customers want to get connected during the process. Ford used Cloud4Wi to provide a seamless Wi-Fi experience.
  • Burger King
    Burger King
    Burger King wanted provide Wi-Fi as a means to reach out to customers. They were able to gather customer feedback and improve franchise operations.
  • olivegarden
    Olive Garden
    Cloud4Wi’s fixed cost offering was a large part in why Olive Garden went with Cloud4Wi. The restaurant also wanted to collect valuable analytics.
  • Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane
    By providing Wi-Fi, Ferrovie was also able to encourage train station visitors to explore the station surroundings with a Wi-Fi-enabled guide.
  • Autostrade
    User-friendly GUI, vendor-agnostic approach, open APIs and centralized management platform are just a few reasons why Autostrade chose Cloud4Wi.
  • Mosgortrans
    Mosgortrans deployed Cloud4Wi at over 2000 locations because of its easy usability for the end-user, as well as the possibility to generate extra revenue from ads.
  • Aeon
    Japanese-based shopping mall Aeon selected Cloud4Wi to offer enhanced Guest Wi-Fi so shoppers can get connected in the shopping centers.
  • Decathlon
    Decathlon wanted to provide all its sports fanatic customers a quick way to get online to check the latest game highlights and scoreboards.
  • Tod's
    Wanting to improve customer service, Tod’s used Cloud4Wi to gather analytics, helping pinpoint where exactly in the store more staff is needed.
  • Sisal
    Gaming company Sisal Group decided to use Cloud4Wi’s Guest Wi-Fi platform to provide customers with a superior Wi-Fi sign-on experience.
  • DigitRoma
    Cloud4Wi enables comprehensive mobility for citizens, tourists and business people in Rome.
  • Gruppo Coin
    Coin chose Cloud4Wi because the powerful engagement tools gave Coin a boost in the guest Wi-Fi they were providing customers.
  • la Rinascente
    Upscale department store Rinascente turned to Cloud4Wi to find out which departments and displays attracted the most customers.
  • RCS Group
    RCS MediaGroup
    Cloud4Wi enabled RCS Media Group to seamlessly get their customers connected to guest Wi-Fi, while analyzing customer behavior on the back-end.
  • Bari Airport
    Bari Airport in Italy relied on Cloud4Wi to deliver top-notch Wi-Fi to its travelers, making the journey more enjoyable and stress-free.
  • GESAC Naples Airport
    Since travelers can spend hours inside an airport, GESAC Naples Airport wanted to provide Guest Wi-Fi. They chose Cloud4Wi to understand who travelers are.
  • SAT Aeroporto Galileo Galilei Pisa
    SAT Galileo Galilei Pisa Airport chose Cloud4Wi to future-proof its Wi-Fi and provide travelers an easy way to get online.
  • Lone Star Texas Grill
    LoneStar Texas Grill wanted to learn more about who their customers were and enlisted help from Cloud4Wi to get in-depth insights.
    This large mall in Mexico wanted to promote their mobile app, so they turned to Cloud4Wi to help use Wi-Fi as an outlet to encourage mobile app downloads.
    Lukoil Oil Company
    Lukoil chose Cloud4Wi because with over 1200 locations in Russia, they needed an easy way to troubleshoot guest Wi-Fi from a single interface.  
  • VTB24
    V2B24 wanted a new outlet to display ads and measure conversion. With Cloud4Wi, they could reach their goals, and also offer useful applications.